How To Contact The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)? An Article Based On Personal Experience By Rudrabha Mukherjee

Rudrabha Mukherjee
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Table of Contents

1. An appeal, about the general process, & legal disclaimer(s)

2. My recent/last personal experience (a visit to CBI Headquarters) regarding the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case — The process which I personally followed as a common citizen of INDIA with prior permission

3. How did my interaction with CBI start? And, why am I still hopeful?

Segment — (1/3):

An appeal, about the general process, & legal disclaimer(s)

[ (1/3)-A ] Appeal (Generalised):

I am Rudrabha Mukherjee, a common citizen of INDIA.

Hereby, I want to make a humble, and sincere appeal in this sub-part of the segment — (1/3).

Never go with anything on just the face value, and always cross-verify the facts from the official sources only.

Any rumor or fake narratives might be a possible reason for either short term fame or to sabotage the on going case possibly.

I am sharing my own personal first hand/direct experience in this article (which is definitely not based on the so called sources), because some people earlier tried to put either the honest officers or CBI team into a bad light in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

This article is just a small attempt to share the ground reality with you and to aware you that never go with any hearsay or information received from so called unofficial sources.

We still have honest, dedicated, and good people in the system.

[ (1/3)-B ] General Process (as on 6:40 am IST of 30th June, 2021):

The general process is very simple and straight. Kindly, refer the official website that is or you can even directly visit at to know the process to contact CBI.

[ (1/3)-C ] Legal Disclaimer(s):

  1. This whole content (article) comes with a detailed legal disclaimer. You can read here (anchor text link) the same. This disclaimer is effective until further notice or amendment.
  2. English is not my first language.
  3. I am just a common citizen of INDIA. You can read more about me here (if required). I am NOT someone from Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), and nor I have any internal sources. I am just a common citizen of INDIA.
  4. I will try to provide as much supporting materials and evidence(s) as possible within this article.

Segment —(2/3):

My recent/last personal experience [ a visit to Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) Headquarters ] regarding the Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case. The process which I personally followed as a common citizen of INDIA with prior permission

(as on 29th June, 2021)

As the saying goes :

Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

On that row, I received a message from a person around last week of May, 2021 where he shared a document (/letter) having detailed pointers, and possibilities which was indicating towards 302 (apparently).

I went through it and suggested few technical changes so that it can be more impactful and precise.

Also, I suggested that it will be better if I can take the prior permission for the Delhi warriors from CBI to submit the same on 2nd June, 2021.

So, I made a call to CBI control room from my personal contact number to seek permission for the same.

The officer/person (who received the call) enquired me about the exact purpose (which is absolutely fine and justified)

and also I gave the reference of my previous interactions and visits [refer segment-(3/3) for the same].

He said to visit directly. Then we visited to CBI Headquarters on 2nd June, 2021 and gave required reference and information while entering inside the CBI Headquarters.

Later we also went to Prime Minister Office too for the same (shared the copy to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Damodardas Modi ji).

Supporting materials for the aforementioned has given below:

Segment —(3/3):

How did my interaction with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) start? And, why am I still hopeful?

I joined the #JusticeForSushantSinghRajput sir movement on 15th June, 2020.

First on Instagram ( @imrudrabha ) and then on Twitter ( @imrudrabha ) too.

(As on 13th March, 2022): I had visited to

• the Prime Minister’s Office for more than 3 times,

• Ministry of Home Affairs (Home Minister’s Office) for more than 5 times,

• NCB Headquarters for more than 3 times,

• CBI Headquarters for more than 5 times, and

• other such places for more than 10 times since then that is 15th June, 2020.

Which you can easily cross verify via my social media posts with proofs and supporting materials (given in those posts).

[ (3/3)-A ]

How did my interaction with Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) start?

(i) On 25th August, 2020 a person who was reportedly a whistleblower in this case (as per some media reports) tweeted the following at 12:35 am (IST):

So, first I tweeted about the same, where I requested many influencive people. Sadly, no one responded.

May be they were sleeping that time. I consulted my parents first and they said — बेटा पहले किसी से पुछकर CBI को सूचना करो, हम साधरण लोग हैं, कहीं बिना कारण फंस न जाए. Basically they advised me to consult someone first before calling CBI.

So, (on record) I first dialed 100 (police control room) and shared my concern that is

(Something similar, which I said to the police officer who received my call) Sushant Singh Rajput ji के case मे एक important इंसान को life threat है क्या मेरे जैसा आम इंसान CBI को call कर सकता है? अगर हा तो कैसे करूँ और किसको call करूँ specifically?

I do not have any number of CBI. Please help. Sushant ji को किसी भी हाल मे न्याय दिलवाना हैं. Please help.

Then the police officer took my request seriously (on record), and shared me the landline number of CBI (Note: That time I was very nervous, hesitant, and numb. Hence sought this permission).

Then I called on the number provided by the police officer and shared my concern over call to the person who received the call from CBI (on record).

So, this was my first ever interaction with CBI, and this is how a new journey almost got started. But, why almost? for that read the point number (ii).

(ii) Then after few days, I personally called (on record) an ACB rank officer (of CBI) with hesitation (because उस समय मेरा हालत खराब………क्योंकि पहली बार life मे किसी CBI के officer को call लगाने जा रहा था. But yes डर के आगे सही मे जीत हैं. Note: Boycott Bollywood) and humbly asked if a common citizen like me can be able to share some crucial or important information if I will get with them (CBI) in the Sushant Singh Rajput death case.

And, he very professionally and politely said that yes I can even mail them or even I can visit to the office to share the same (if any).

It was a very short conversation, but gave me immense confidence to approach or contact CBI without any hesitation.

Since then I visited CBI Headquarters several times (I can not be able to share the confidential or any sensitive information within this post and otherwise as well), mailed & called them as well and never ever faced any trouble or issue.

CBI is really a professional and dedicated agency. Ofcourse, they (CBI officer/team) will enquire or question you thoroughly & professionally (whenever you will be entering inside) and that is absolutly alright.

If you have something really important to share and you are honest and confident from the within then why to fear? Just go ahead confidently.

The best part is every-time I got the official receiving of the acknowledgment of my submissions. What else does anyone want? :)

Trust CBI and trust the system. We still have good, and dedicated people and officers who are working selflessly for the country.

A Humble Request

Kindly respect their (of CBI team) efforts and time. So, always provide concrete or reliable first hand information backed with proper source, evidence and others mentioning the specific concerns in detail.

Also, I personally try NOT to share anything via personal visit, call and/or even email(s) to the CBI and any agency (like NCB) for that matter which is based on mere heresy.

[ (3/3)-B ]

Why am I still hopeful?

  1. I am still hopeful because late. Sushant Singh Rajput sir always showed everyone that nothing is impossible (literally nothing) to achieve if one has the true intentions and positive mindset. And I am sure that his SSRians and SSR warriors are going to follow the same.
  2. Their professionalism, and commitment. They even keep a tap on their own officers as well. This is even a good sign too in my opinion that they even don’t spare something inappropriate within. Reference:
  3. Most importantly the justice for Sushant Singh Rajput campaign is a public movement which is absolutely organic. And, in my opinion this is the first time when even common people like me contacting authorities as well at a much larger scale than ever before. All these will get paid in the form of bringing out the truth and fair justice. The hopes will remain alive (metaphoric) till we are taking lawful actions, asking legit questions to the authorities, and doing continuous on ground lawful hustle as well.

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I will keep sharing more pointers (if needed) within this article in the future as well. Jai Hind

Thank you so much for reading this article and giving your precious time. I will remain grateful to you, and obliged for the same.

Kind Regards,

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